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Peterson's Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surger
2 vol. set

By Michael Miloro, Peter Larsen, Peter Waite

Elsevier, 2nd ed., 2004.
ISBN 1550092340

Peterson's Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Second Edition, encompasses a wide range of diverse topics making it a unique text amongst the medical and dental specialties. The purpose of this concise, easy-to-read two-volume text is to provide an authoritative and currently referenced survey of the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. It contains the necessary information for clinicians and is an ideal reference text for preparation for board certification in the specialty.

Answers the need for a useful, daily reference textbook that includes the full scope of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Features the contributions of recognized experts in the areas of the specialty
Presents the current status of clinical practice
Includes coverage of all aspects of facial esthetic surgery

What's New

new chapters on cleft orthodontics and distraction osteogenesis
Expanded features:
anesthesia section to encompass comprehensive patient assessment and management in the peri-anesthetic period
osseointegrated implant section to include chapters on soft and hard tissue adjunctive procedures, zygomaticus and novum systems, as well as a section on implant prosthodontics for the surgeon


Part I . Principles of Medicine, Surgery, and Anesthesia

1. Wound Healing
2. Medical Management
3. Perioperative Management
4. Preoperative Patient Assessment
5. Pharmacology of Outpatient Anesthesia Medications
6. Pediatric Sedation
Part 2. Dentoalveolar Surgery
7. Management of Impacted Teeth Other than Third Molars
8. Impacted Teeth
9. Preprosthetic Surgery
10. Osseointegrated Implants
11. Adjunctive Soft Tissue Implant Procedures
12. Adjunctive Hard Tissue Implant Procedures
13. Zygomaticus and Novum Systems
14. Implant Prosthodontics
Part 3. Maxillofacial Infections
15. Principles of Management of Odontogenic Infections
16. Sinus Infections
17. Osteomyelitis/Osteoradionecrosis/HBO
Part 4. Maxillofacial Trauma
18. Initial Patient Assessment
19. Soft Tissue Injuries
20. Rigid vs. Semi-Rigid vs. Non-Rigid Fixation
21. Dentoalveolar Trauma
22. Mandible and Condylar Fractures
23. Maxillary and Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures
24. Ocular and Orbital Trauma
25. Management of Fractures of the Frontal Sinus Fractures and Naso-orbito-ethrnoid Complex
26. Gunshot Injuries
27. Pediatric Maxillofacial Trauma
28. Management of Panfacial Fractures
Part 5. Maxillofacial Pathology
29. Differential Diagnosis of Oral Disease
30. Odontogenic Cysts and Tumors
31. Benign Nonodontogenic Lesions of the Jaws
32. Head and Neck Cancer: Diagnosis, Classification, Staging
33. Oral Cancer: Treatment
34. Lip Cancer
35. Salivary Gland Disease and Tumors
36. Management of Mucosal and Related Dermatologic Disorders
37. Skin Cancer

Part 6. Maxillofacial Reconstruction

38. Local and Regional Flaps
39. Bony Reconstructions
40. Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer
41. Microneurosurgery
42. Cleft Lip and Palate
43. Alveolar Cleft Grafting
44. Secondary & Adjunctive Cleft Procedures
45. Craniofacial Syndromes
46. Craniosynostosis
Part 7. Temporomandibular Joint Disease
47. TMJ Anatomy and Pathophysiology
48. Non-Surgical Management
49. Arthrocentesis / Arthroscopy
50. Surgery for Internal Derangements of the Temporomandibular Joint
51. Management of the End-Stage TMJ Patient
52. Hypomobility and Hypermobility
Part 8. Orthognathic Surgery
53. Growth and Development
54. Quantification and Visualization of the Surgical Patient Problem-Based Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
55. Orthodontics For Orthognathic Surgery
56. Mandibular Surgical Procedures
57. Maxillary Surgical Produces
58. Management of Facial Asymmetry
59. Esthetic Soft Tissue Changes in Orthognathic Surgery
60. Prevention and Management of Complications of Orthognathic Surgery
61. Cleft Management in Orthognathic Surgery
62. Distraction Osteogenesis
63. Surgical and Nonsurgical Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Part 9. Facial Esthetic Surgery
64. Blepharoplasty
65. Rhinoplasty
66. Rhytidectomy
67. Forehead and Brow Procedures
68. Liposculpting Procedures
69. Skin Rejuvenation Procedures
70. Alloplastic Esthetic Facial Augmentation
71. Otoplastic Surgery for the Protruding Ear

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