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سلام یک معذرت خواهی به خاطر اینکه دیروز آپدیت نکردم که بخاطر امتحان E.N.T من‌ بود.


توروس پالاتینوس                                                        بازال سل کارسینوم                                          (سرطان) کنسر لب  


  (سرطان) کنسر زبان                                              تونسیلیت حاد                                              پمفیگویید


Facial Paresis: Right
Widened palpebral fissure

آیا تعریف آناستازییای موضعی(Local anesthetic, Local anesthesia)را می دانید؟

A class of many medications that "numb" nerves on contact. Local anesthesia describes the technique of numbing a region of the body by injecting local anesthetic into the tissues around an area to be operated on. Local anesthesia is often supplemented with intravenous sedation

An anesthetist injects local anesthetic into the skin of the back prior to placement of a spinal needle

           Full Mouth Makeover - Boca Raton South Florida

Cosmetic Makeover Before Photo Implant Makeover After Photo
Before After

Our patient, a registered nurse, was always self-conscious when introduced to people and had a very reserved smile. She and a friend had applied to ABC's Extreme Makeover program twice but were rejected.

Our patient wanted a "true" makeover experience, thereby deciding to use 14 custom DaVinci porcelain veneers (identical to those used on the ABC program), porcelain onlays, 4 Lava (3M) all ceramic crowns to correct spacing and rotation on her upper bicuspids and 2 porcelain fused to high noble metal crowns on her upper molars.


Human Nose, Human Smelling, Sense of  Smell            Human Larynix, voice box, human speech                        Human sinus, sinues, sinus congenstion

SINUS                                                                  LARYNX                                                        NOSE    

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