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Orthodontics for Adults ارتودنسی بزرگسالان
1. Is it unusual for adults to have orthodontic treatment
  • More and more adults are having orthodontic treatment to correct crooked or crowded teeth
  • Orthodontics can make the teeth more attractive and more functional, by improving jaw alignment, and correcting "the bite"
  • Improved techniques have been devised for treating adults
  • Modern orthodontic braces are less obtrusive and adults are more willing to wear them


2. Is adult orthodontic treatment successful

  • Adult orthodontics is particularly successful for correcting crowding and jaw problems
  • Healthy teeth can be moved with braces at any age
  • Very similar treatments and appliances are used for children and adults

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3. I've always had crooked teeth. Does it really matter

  •  Crooked teeth can prevent you from chewing properly, and lead to jaw joint problems
  • Improving "the bite" can make eating more efficient and comfortable
  • Crooked teeth affect your appearance and most people want to look their best at any age
  • People with unattractive teeth are often too embarrassed to smile. Orthodontic treatment enables you to smile with confidence
  • Looking better can make you feel better about yourself, and can increase your self-confidence


4. What are the most common orthodontic treatments for adults

  • Correcting crowding or crooked teeth

    Click to enlargeCrowding
  • Closing newly developed or old spaces between teeth

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  • Correcting the position and alignment of teeth
    Teeth often tilt into gaps left by extractions. These teeth have to be moved into a more upright position
    This correction makes it possible to use replacement crowns, implants, fixed bridges, or removable partial dentures to replace the missing teeth
  • The photographs below explain what can be done for an adult, when the orthodontist, periodontist and prosthodontist all work together

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Click to enlargeUpper crowns
Lower brace
Click to enlargeLower teeth
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Final result


5. What problems could make orthodontic treatment for adults more difficult

  • Periodontal Disease
    • Adults may suffer from periodontal disease, which is a deterioration of the gums and underlying bone
    • Periodontal treatment will be necessary before the orthodontic treatment can start
  • Tooth decay
    • All dental decay should be treated before orthodontic treatment starts
    • It is less comfortable to have dental treatment after braces have been fitted
  • Abnormal jaw relationships
    • The growth of the jaws has been completed in adults, and so this treatment is not always possible
    • In children, the ongoing growth of the jaw can be directed to correct the abnormalities that are present

    Click to enlargeLower jaw
    Click to enlargeLower jaw
  • Worn down or broken teeth
    • These must be built up or restored before orthodontic treatment can start
  • Lack of commitment
    • Adult patients may find it hard to commit to long term treatment, especially to wearing braces for long periods


6. Can an orthodontist help my painful jaw muscles and joints

  • Your orthodontist or dentist will be able to diagnose the problem
  • This problem can be caused by the grinding and clenching of teeth
  • The action is unconscious and involuntary
  • The technical name for it is "bruxism"
  • Bruxism usually happens during sleep
  • It wears down the teeth, and causes stress and trauma to the jaw muscles and the teeth
  • The orthodontist will probably suggest a splint, bite plate or a nightguard to protect the teeth during sleep. This will also relax the muscles of the jaw
  • These devices should relieve and prevent the results of tooth grinding
  • The cause of the bruxism may be psychological, and may have to be treated by a suitable therapist


Click to enlargeNightguard Click to enlargeNightguard in place

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